19 Goals for 2019

I feel like 19 goals is A LOT of goals. But I’ve also always been an overachiever. And I also need to get my life together (as always). 1. Read 19 books. I used to aim for 100 books. I’ve had no reading goals for a few years now. I’ve still been reading, but I’ve…

Summer 2018 recap

Oh man. So. This summer has been… something. Life, death, fear, grief, rising through the ashes. Lots of carbs (then less of them) and many miles driven. I don’t want to get into the details because you know them already, but suffice it to say that I’m very glad to have people I can turn…

36 years

2018 has been a weird year for a lot is reasons. My grampa died in January. That meant a trip to Ohio. And it meant that I thought a lot about being 16, because being 16 was the first year of my life that I ever thought Grampa “saw” me – who I was, why,…


You remember how I said that maybe “uncomfortable” was going to be my word for the year? I changed my mind. That can stop at any time. I meant the positive side, the growing, the stretching, the doing of scary things. Exhilaration. Saying yes.

Wrapping up 2017

Well, to say this year got away from me is an understatement. I got more and more involved this year with my neighborhood council, running the website, leading and participating in committees and joining the executive committee. I find joy in that, but also frustration because it takes time, which is limited. I’m working on…


Years ago, I scoured to find dining chairs that worked with our old house and our dining room table. It was such a thing that I ended up stripping paint from my table and restaining the stupid, free thing to make chairs I bought online. I really don’t know what to say about that behavior….

October-December 2016: Goals Progress/Year-end roundup

1. Move 401ks to IRAs at my bank. Didn’t accomplish this.  2. Lose 20 pounds. I’ve lost 10. I was within 1 pound at one point, and within 3-4 in September. But, I had the flu and November was a shitshow, and then holidays. I’ve gained 8 pounds since Nov. 1. So, next year. 3….

Book Bins

Thomas has a lot of books. But it was hard to keep them neat because he had to pull them off the bookshelf to see what they are.    So, I made two rolling bins for him in October. I used crates from Michaels (similar) and caster wheels (similar). I sanded the bins and used…

Blackout Shades v.2

  Years ago, I made blackout shades/curtains for the master bedroom in our old house. We were going to buy roller shades for this house, but when I went to put the order in for Blinds.com, the two shades cost $600. I just can’t justify that. So I bought the supplies and made two shades for…

April 2016: Goals progress

I am over April, which is great because April is also over April. 1. Move 401ks to IRAs at my bank. Nope. Let’s do this later. 2. Lose 20 pounds. I have three pounds to go. I hoped to be done this month, but making any sort of progress is a feat at this point….