19 Goals for 2019

I feel like 19 goals is A LOT of goals. But I’ve also always been an overachiever. And I also need to get my life together (as always).

1. Read 19 books. I used to aim for 100 books. I’ve had no reading goals for a few years now. I’ve still been reading, but I’ve barely participated in my book club; I haven’t tracked what I’ve read; and I haven’t been intentional about it. I’d like to be different in 2019. I have no idea if 19 is a stretch from what I have been doing!

2. Budget. We save, we have financial goals, but we haven’t sat down and really evaluated it all. I’d like that to change. I want to pay off our last car, and I want to pay more on our mortgage principal. By the end of 2019, I’d like to have talked through our budget and decided how to allocate our money.

3. Rollover 401(k)s. Guess what I haven’t done? This.

4. Lose 30 pounds. Probably I could lose 40, but I’ll settle for the 30 I gained in the past two years. I’m still healthy — no increase in cholesterol, blood pressure or glucose. But I’d like my clothes to fit. I bought a used elliptical a few months ago that had been sitting in my garage. It’s inside! And so it begins.

5. Renew my passport. It expired in September. 😦

6. Three daily accomplishments. I’m going to list three things every day that I accomplished.

7. Three daily gratitudes. I’m going to list three things every day that I’m grateful for.

8. Travel somewhere. Preferably outside the U.S., but at least I’d like to take Thomas somewhere interesting that he’s never seen before.

9. Finish painting my interior doors. I painted five of 12 in December. It was not easy. I’d like to wrap it up.

10. Get rid of the junk in my yard. We tried to call a trash hauler to do it in, oh, July. I think getting this accomplished will feel lighter.

11. DIY new house numbers. I bought the numbers in 2016. I bought the board to put them on in 2016. It’s only a couple hours of work to finish this.

12. One big project. We have a bathroom that needs a new shower/half remodel. Our yard needs new sprinklers/landscaping. I’d like to get one of these done.

13. Pull back on my elected duties. I’ve gotten really deep in — I’m on several committees, I’m an executive member, I’ve gotten deep in an alliance about a community issue I’m passionate about. But I really just need space to breath. I’m running for re-election in the spring. Either I won’t get the votes and I’ll have a chance to relax, or I’ll be re-elected and have to do some balancing.

14. Improve my meditation practice. I feel much better when I meditate. Less stress, happier, lighter. I use an app called Insight Timer, and do guided meditations. I’ll go through phases where I meditate morning and night for months… and then don’t meditate once for awhile. I’d like to improve my track record.

15. Improve my yoga practice. I was doing yoga a couple times a week at work for a month or two. It was phenomenal for my physical and mental health. I’d like to do yoga two or three times a week in 2019.

16. Just be. I am a goal-oriented person. I want to do, and be, and learn all the things. But that often means that my internal dialogue is really negative to myself. I want to appreciate myself more.

17. Make five pairs of earrings. I LOVE wearing earrings. I LOVE making earrings. And I don’t do it nearly enough.

18. Explore passive income. I’d like to do something that gets me some passive income. Probably cut files that I sell on Etsy or list on the Silhouette store. Or print invitation designs (I’ve made a few for birthday parties). Not sure. But I’d like to think about it in 2019.

19. Soak in a hot spring. I don’t know why, but this just sounds really great and relaxing. There are tons of them in CA.

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