April 2018 recap




Wait, where did April go??


I showed myself compassion and love:

  • A few of my favorite things: I worked from patios, I went to patios without working, and I read a lot. I dogsat for The Best Dog Ever and got some snuggles while also getting paid.

dogs edited

  • I tried a new Lao restaurant and it was amazingly delicious.
  • I went to Clarksdale, MS, for their Juke Joint Festival. It turns out that I am a big fan of live blues shows.
  • I made another batch of tamales to tide me over for the next couple of months. Making tamales is laborious as hell, y’all.
  • Being vulnerable/taking first steps/networking. Yes, this is all three in one. I hired an interview coach and she’s great! She’s really helping me clarify some things and better articulate my experience. A++ love her.
  • Forget FOMO: I can’t even remember who I’ve muted or unfollowed on social media, and I love it.


This month, I definitely had a few Don’t Wanna days but that’s just how it’s gonna go. I’ve been applying for jobs spottily, but I haven’t see much that’s sounded all that great. That said, I am keeping my eyes open for compelling roles and have done a lot of other things to move forward.

  • Make things: I finished the hat from March and made another one. I also started a crocheted blanket. I do not love the yarn I’m using for the blanket, so we’ll see if I continue.
  • Read 20 books: I read four more books in April, for a total of 13 so far. The most interesting thing I’ve read this year is Naomi Alderman’s The Power. Please read it so I have someone to discuss it with.
  • Make the decision, go for the gusto, do the scary thing. Wear the bright nail polish.
    • I paid someone to do my taxes, which I’ve never done before. He finished them in 30 min. Taxes make me super nervous, and wow I am always going to have someone else do them.
    • I got a new client! I convinced them to give me monies! At a worthwhile rate!
    • I fired my old client because they were a pain. Thanks for thinking through it with me.

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