March 2018 recap



Ok, March. Here’s how that went down.

I showed myself compassion and love:

  • A few of my favorite things: I visited a flower farm, hung out with a lot of dogs, had a bonfire and spent time on patios.
  • I read my updates from the Shine app, which is pretty great for reminding me to pause, take a deep breath and cut myself some freaking slack.
  • I went to the beach with my mom and stepdad. Good to see them, the beach and palm trees. ❤
  • I’ve been cooking from my freezer and pantry, which makes me feel very resourceful and glad to not be shopping/spending more money. This means I made a super-weird-looking tomato sauce from sundried tomatoes, but generally this has been good. I have found that I have a decent amount of freezer-burnt food, including meat, which horrifies my thrifty Midwestern heart.
  • Taking tiny first steps: I haven’t, say, put up anything more than a contact form on my portfolio site, but I’m also just going for it with client work and applying for full-time gigs.
  • Being vulnerable: I’ve sent cards with actual feelings, and I’ve reached out to people when I’ve felt upset (rather than dumping it all on you, Steph!). A++ this is exhausting.
  • Forget FOMO: I’ve unfollowed certain Instagram accounts, and I feel like I’ve muted nearly everybody on Facebook. FB is actually useful in the job search, so I haven’t abandoned it. I think I’d like to drop it for a while down the road, though.
  • Networking: not so much in March—can we call stepping away from networking self-care? I was vulnerable in asking people for interview feedback or whether they knew coaches, and that feels more important than shaking hands. (See also “being vulnerable is exhausting.”)

I did the things that make me feel better. Not every day, and I had a slump for a couple of weeks, but I did some yoga and my mood immediately improved. I’m back to Tackling The Things and that feels good.

  • Make things: I’m in the middle of an embroidery project. I also knitted a hat and three-quarters.
  • Read 20 books: I’m at nine so far this year, so I’m well on track! I haven’t been super impressed by anything yet. I’m part-way through several others that I might never pick up again—I’m letting myself do that, shake off the thing that isn’t working.
  • Make the decision, go for the gusto, do the scary thing. Wear the bright nail polish. Embrace it: I tried the nail polish I never wear. It stained my fingernails, which I think is a pretty apt metaphor for how this year is going! You try a thing, it changes you, you keep doing it or you don’t, and all of that is a good thing.


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