Wrapping up 2017

Well, to say this year got away from me is an understatement.

I got more and more involved this year with my neighborhood council, running the website, leading and participating in committees and joining the executive committee. I find joy in that, but also frustration because it takes time, which is limited. I’m working on striking a balance.

I did so so many house projects — some paid for, some DIY. Our house is more liveable, but I still have more to do. Our house is gray! We have new lights outside! We’re installing security cameras! I painted the brass fireplace surround! One shower doesn’t leak anymore! I made new pillow covers for our living room! I made Christmas wreaths! I painted our porch floor! I painted our shed! I got rid of a lot of outdoor clutter!

I didn’t roll my 401ks. I spent much of the year stressed out. My garage is still a mess. I barely read any books. 

I saved $600 on car insurance. I saved $340 on my cell phone plan. I found a better pool cleaning company.

I swam in my pool A LOT. I cheered Thomas on while he played on a soccer team for the first time — he even scored goals! I met more neighbors. One of my really good friends moved 10 minutes from me.

It feels like a bad year, but it could have been worse!

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