Years ago, I scoured to find dining chairs that worked with our old house and our dining room table. It was such a thing that I ended up stripping paint from my table and restaining the stupid, free thing to make chairs I bought online.

I really don’t know what to say about that behavior.

Those chairs have served us well, but they’ve taken a ton of abuse since Thomas was born. I, personally, have had three of them collapse while sitting in them in the past six months. It’s pretty terrible to be eating your tacos, wondering if your chair is going to fall out from under you.

The expiration date on the table approaches. We got it for free 10 (!!) years ago. We’re ready to pick something that fits our style.

And so, I’m building benches. We don’t like the tables out there. I’m going to build one. But I’m starting with benches to fill our immediate need of somewhere to sit.

My friend’s brother does some amazing DIY furniture, and this one caught my eye.

Everything in our house is white but we didn’t want solid. I mixed water with leftover paint for a kind of whitewash effect. I bought raw steel hairpin legs from Amazon.

I still need to seal my boards and affix my legs.

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  1. Tasha says:

    Nice! I’m thinking about faking a console table with a board and either very tall hairpin legs or some black pipes from Home Depot. Sometimes home improvement crafting is the best crafting!

    1. Stephanie says:

      I considered the black pipes — they cut and thread them for you! Pipes would probably be cheaper, but for a console table to be sturdy, you might need to do a connection across legs (and math). But! With the pipes, you could just unscrew a leg a little to make it level.

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