October-December 2016: Goals Progress/Year-end roundup

1. Move 401ks to IRAs at my bank. Didn’t accomplish this. 

2. Lose 20 pounds. I’ve lost 10. I was within 1 pound at one point, and within 3-4 in September. But, I had the flu and November was a shitshow, and then holidays. I’ve gained 8 pounds since Nov. 1. So, next year.

3. Clothing budget of $500. Make 5 items of clothing. $237.50/$500. I bought blanket scarves, several dresses, a skirt. Will I carry over my excess? Yes. But it’s pretty obvious that I won’t spend it.

4. Buy a new house; sell my old house. Pretty proud of myself on this one. We still have lots of work to do, but I love our house and our neighborhood.

5. Read 35 books. 6/35. Big fail on this one. Lowest reading year of my life.

6. KonMari my house. This might be too involved for me. But I could use a major purge in 2017.

7. Spend less time surfing on my phone and pay more attention to my kid. I’m better than when the year started, but I could do better.

Goal wise, it was a pretty productive year. I did a lot that wasn’t in my list. I didn’t do things I would have liked to do. But selling and buying a house are major accomplishments, so 2016 would have been a win if that was the only thing I did.

I accomplished quite a bit, and set myself up for more projects and such next year.


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