April 2016: Goals progress


I am over April, which is great because April is also over April.

1. Move 401ks to IRAs at my bank. Nope. Let’s do this later.

2. Lose 20 pounds. I have three pounds to go. I hoped to be done this month, but making any sort of progress is a feat at this point.

3. Clothing budget of $500. Make 5 items of clothing. I spend $23 on shoes and made no clothes in April.

4. Buy a new house; sell my old house. ALMOST DONE. Our house is in the middle of its work and all my stuff is in storage. We move May 8, and will continue improvements for years, I’m sure.

5. Read 35 books. 2/35. Might not be the year for reading.

6. KonMari my house. No stuff here! Have to wait.

7. Spend less time surfing on my phone and pay more attention to my kid. Still could be better at this. Might need to delete FB account. I have FOMO about it, though. And I’ve noticed that friends who delete FB swap in other sites. I really just need some mindless downtime.

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