March 2016: Goals progress

March has been a month, my friends.

1. Move 401ks to IRAs at my bank. Nope. We’re moving in late April or early May, so this will probably be a June thing.

2. Lose 20 pounds. I’m really, really doing it! I’ve been following the eating part of the 21-day fix since the end of January, and I’m down 15 pounds total since Thanksgiving, and within a stone’s throw of goal.

I’ve been finding it more challenging throughout March, but I’ve also been less strict with my eating. So. Hopefully I’ll accomplish this in April, though I might set a new goal to lose a bit more?? Because why wouldn’t I, if I’m already on a roll…

3. Clothing budget of $500. Make 5 items of clothing. I spend $0 on clothes and made no clothes in March. I’m definitely making use of my old clothes fitting. I also am purging things for the move, so that might play into the whole “not buying” mentality.

4. Buy a new house; sell my old house. ALMOST DONE. We offered for a house at the end of February that needs some work, but has some great bones and good space and we’re getting a good deal. We’re throwing some cash at some work upfront (bye, popcorn ceilings. hello, paint and refinished flooring.), and I’ll be doing home projects until FOREVER. But we’ll have a pool and we’re in great school districts, so I’m never, ever, ever leaving.

5. Read 35 books. 1/35. I still don’t remember what book I read in January. No books in Feb. I started the Red Rising trilogy, but I didn’t find it exciting and petered out. I also started The Alechemist’s Daughter, and stopped about 1/4 in. I’ve been listening to H is for Hawk for my book club and have really been enjoying it.

6. KonMari my house. I still STILL haven’t gotten started. Although I am making some very brutal decisions about what stays and what goes for the new house. So, there we are.

7. Spend less time surfing on my phone and pay more attention to my kid. Josh and I had a brutal fight where he brought this issue up. Now, keep in mind that he’s not any better. Still, it cut me deep because it’s something I want to be better at. (I don’t think he actually wants to be better, and I’m not being a dick about it to him because HELLO KETTLE, I SEE YOU THERE. So.) And so I deleted a bunch of apps. Things I didn’t look at, games I didn’t play, Facebook. I figured if I’m that desperate for FB, I can use the mobile site. And I have. I still think it’s made a difference in my phone time, though. AND it’s made a huge difference in my battery life.

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