2015 recap

I really, really had a good 2015.

One of my goals was being less negative, and I worked hard to change things about my life and self to make my attitude better. I’m happier than I’ve been in years. I changed jobs mid-year to find more freedom and time in my life when the commute/job/life got too overwhelming. It was a great change, and I feel really content with my work and career direction.

I did some craft projects. I did the ones that made me happy until they didn’t and then I put them aside.

I read books. More than I thought I would be able to. And while my life doesn’t allow the endless Saturday hours of holing up and getting lost in a book, finding the time for fiction in audio form has made life better.

I was less rigid with myself and the goal-setting. When my clothing budget goal didn’t work anymore because of the new job, I suspended it.

A lot of the year was spent focusing on me and making life better/easier, and yet, I still didn’t have much time for myself. I find myself challenged by knowing just how fleeting the time Thomas will be a toddler is — just how little time I have with him, overall — and needing an hour, an effing hour, with no one talking to me, touching me, climbing on me, holding my hand, needing pet (I’m looking at you, cats). I’m sure that finding that balance will me the struggle of the rest of my adulthood.


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