2016 goals

Whaaaat, two posts in one day? That’s right! (Am I still putting off packing up my apartment? Maybe!)

My 2015 goals were kind of a wash, and I think that comes down to a few things. First, I was busy—like, really busy—at work. I hate when people say that because it sounds as if they’re trying to sound important, but dudes. So busy. The end. Second, I had some kind of mushy goals that were hard to measure, and I also had a lot of goals that I didn’t check in on.

At the end of this year, when I’ve taken some time to breathe and to recuperate a little, I’ve repeatedly caught myself saying that I like “vacation me.” This is the kinder, gentler version of myself who has time to breathe and who makes things.

With all of these things in mind, I’ve decided to go with a different plan this year. I will measure the things! I will take tiny first steps! I will make some time for myself!

Image courtesy ASAP Science.


  • Knit a pair of socks. Remember this sock cuff? I started it alllll the way back in 2013, and I’m still not done with the damn thing, let alone its mate. I want more squishy handknit socks, and I want them to be made by me.
  • Knit a pair of mittens. I’ve started on these striped mittens, and because they’re made with worsted weight yarn, they’ll go a lot more quickly than socks. The yarn feels huge compared to sock yarn!
  • Get better at calligraphy. Yeah, I know: remember that time I said I’d measure my goals, a whole three paragraphs ago? Not sure how to do that with this one, but I can:
  • Do something creative for at least 30 min. a week. That really seems like a pitifully small amount of time, but I haven’t been giving myself that, and I think I suffer as a result. I can always crank up the minimum time if I like.


  • Send 1 card/month. This will force me to practice calligraphy, and I’ll end up taking some time to reconnect with others.
  • Reduce procrastination and time spent on the internet. I’ve gotten better at both of these, but I like to have the reminder. This goal is very tightly coupled with all the others: you don’t get stuff done and you can’t be connected with others if you’re staring at a screen and passively consuming.
  • Go to the Margaret Mitchell house.
  • Go to Fernbank Museum. (I has a car now! I think this will make it easier to just get in the car and go to places).
  • Go take photos in the country. I like to drive out of the city and see what there is to see. This is how I ended up stuck wayyyyy the hell out in the middle of nowhere with a dead transmission a few years ago, but it’s also how I got some good photos and got to pet some donkeys.
  • Save $3,500.
  • Get credit card balances to zero—and keep them there.

This is a longer list of items, but it’s much more clear and outlines actual goals. I think 2016 is gonna be good!

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