Stephanie’s 2016 Goals

1. 401ks. Move all my old 401(k) accounts into an accessible IRA at my bank, linked to my online dashboard.

2. Lose 20 pounds. For serious. At least make some significant progress. I lost six pounds between Thanksgiving and leaving Dec. 21 for the Florida Keys. I’m ready to do this.

3. Clothing budget of $500. I’m going back to this because it’s been really effective in helping me really weigh my purchases and have a closet full of clothes I love. On top of that, I want to make 5 items of clothing this year. I spend a lot of time planning clothing to sew, and not a lot of time doing it.

4. Buy a new house; sell my old house. This consists of project after project at my current house. But I hope to be in a new place by summer-ish.

5. Read 35 books. This is about what I read in 2015, so I’d like to challenge myself to set this as my minimum and build from there.

6. KonMari my house. I spent a significant portion of 2015 decluttering, but I need to go further. I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up last year, and I think this could work for me. I already practice many of the “tidy” principals in my daily life, but I need more.

7. Spend less time surfing on my phone and pay more attention to my kid. In 2009, Josh and I went to Hawaii for a week. I suggested we turn off our phones for the entire week and just be present with each other. It was one of the most amazing times, partly because of that. After that, I spent the better part of the next three years carrying around a dead phone and a charger (just in case I did need to contact someone). When I got pregnant in 2012, Josh insisted (rightly) that I get waaaaaay better about keeping my phone charged and responding to calls/texts. But what happened was that I became a phone zombie. And I hate it every day of my life. I’d like to find an app that will turn off particular iPhone apps after a certain amount of time… ideas? I have Moment, but that seems pretty Big Brother (monitoring location) along without having the ability to limit some apps and leaving others on.


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