Trains and Advent Calendars

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice to do an advent calendar with Thomas this year?” I looked at Target, but I didn’t really see any I thought were any good.

On Friday, as we were setting up our Christmas stuff, I had to marvel, because 2014 Stephanie just KNEW that 2015 Stephanie would want to do that. She’d bought me a calendar and put it in the Christmas boxes and it was everything I was looking for.

 Except, we’re going to Florida for Christmas. So we won’t be here to do the whole calendar. Rather than forego it, Josh and I opted to start the calendar early and countdown to leaving for Florida instead of Christmas. While means we’re basically a few days behind.

Because I hadn’t found a calendar, I hadn’t put in much thought to what I’d want to put in it.

My requirements:
-Things that won’t clutter my house
-Things that bring Thomas joy
-Things that are little and not really “presents”

This could be food stuffs, etc., but I also wanted to make little experiences for him. Something he really, really loves are his trains. We bought him the IKEA wooden railway for his 2nd birthday, and it’s been a big hit. We bought more track a few months ago, and it came with a paper of track layouts. T loves pointing at one for us to help him build.

So, I scoured the internet (Pinterest) for more track layouts and made a couple PDFs of just the images. I printed them out, folded the pages and tucked each one into a different day.

Wooden train track layout #1
Wooden train track layout #2

(Sources: This. This. This. and This.)

(Note: Part of the picture is missing on the top of train layout #1. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get that photo to show up right in Photoshop. Sorry, people.)

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