Project 2: Felt Board


For Christmas, I made Thomas a felt Christmas tree that we stuck to the wall and it had some “ornaments” and “presents” that T could use to decorate his own tree. It immediately was a big hit. And so, when it was pulled off the wall and wrapped up to be stored in the garage until next year, I decided to make him a felt board he could play with year-round.

Some items I scoured the likes of Pinterest for ideas. I used this felt board as my base idea.

Thomas is really into cars and trucks, so those were an obvious addition:


Animals are also a favorite, but I started with a place for them to live:


What’s a playscape without trees?


And airplanes and helicopters are also an interest. T was making the sign for helicopter for more than a month before we figured out what he was saying. (He’d make the sign and say “dadoo!” Gibberish.)


I first used felt glue to make my items, but they didn’t hold up. T ate an apple off the apple tree. A window fell off a car. I could just see it becoming a trend, so I sewed everything securely on.

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