January 2015: Goals progress

Oh, January. You went SO fast.

1. Being less negative. It took me 27 days to be negative about something at work. That’s major progress on that situation. Plus, I mentioned it once, for 5 minutes, to my boss who witnessed it. Then let it go. I had one other incident that I thought about raging about after that, but then just kept it to myself. WIN.

2. Projects. I actually am making a lot of progress on projects, surprisingly. Or not. I love crafts, so this one is sort of easy?

I’m aiming for at least one project from the following groups:

  • Play for Thomas: In Jan, I began a felt board for Thomas. (This will probably be ongoing, so I should post soon about what I’ve done to date.) I also cut out two felt eggs, the start of T’s felt play food for his kitchen.
  • Clothes for me: In Jan, I started a kimono from a fabric I bought last year for that purpose. I just need to hem it. I also picked two patterns for lounging pants and bought patterned knit fabrics. I want to be REALLY comfy to go to the playground, but not wear crappy clothes.
  • Christmas decorations
  • Home decor

3. Track my food on my Fitbit app. I tracked my food 4/31 days. That’s weak sauce, you guys.

4. Back health. Still haven’t found a chiro, did yoga 7/31 days in January. I also started using a electro-pulse device that treats pain. It helps, somewhat. I bought a Groupon for yoga classes (10 of them!) and plan to start that soon….

5. Clothing budget. $65.88/$534. I can tell that including purses and shoes is going to make this year much more challenging. About $51 of this was bags — I needed a new, very large weekender style bag because I’m hoping to fly to Minnesota with Thomas in the next couple months. And it was $40. SO MUCH OF THE BUDGET. I really want a new pair of Toms, but I don’t know that I can afford them… Does asking for them for my birthday count as part of my budget? Sigh. I think it should. Otherwise, it’s just cheating.

6. Read 25 books. 1/25. I’ll find the title and do a list. I started doing audio books again during my commute. So. That.

7. Declutter. I’ve done a little. I got rid of a table that was sitting just inside our front door that was becoming a dumping ground. But I need to list some stuff on Freecycle and get it out of my life.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Tasha says:

    Ha, is it just me, or do we sound real tired at the end of January? You’ve made decent progress! (And no, I don’t think asking for shoes for your birthday counts against the budget.)

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