Project 7: Toddler sleepsack

(I’m still catching up on posts from 2014.)

Ohio is a cold place in the winter. Even colder is my parents’ house because my mother refuses to up the thermostat at all. It’s 68 degrees in the winter and not a degree more.








When visiting for Christmas, that was a challenge I was thinking about before we left. Thomas is a roller, so a blanket wouldn’t keep him warm. But he needs the use of his legs (or TANTRUM), so a normal sleepsack wouldn’t work either. I found toddler ones with feet and ordered them, but the ones in his size were swimming on him. He’s tall, but skinny and they even were longer than I felt comfortable with.

So, I decided to make my own. I bought a remnant at Joann’s (75 percent off, which made it roughly $2), and a $2 zipper. I used an old T-shirt to make the leg hole casings. I added a flap on the inside to protect him from the zipper, and a flap on the outside to go over the zipper pull so it wouldn’t rub him.










He looks like he doesn’t like it in this picture, but he actually REALLY does. He hasn’t worn it since we were in Ohio, and tries to grab it out of his closet every night.

I sort of used this blog’s tutorial as a guide, but made a lot of my own stuff up as I went along. For instance, I drew my own pattern (tailored to fit Thomas and not be super loose), I did my zipper a different way (using this technique, which I always find easier, but was a bit of a challenge getting straight lines with fleece — you can see this in the top picture), and added the front flap with snap.

Worked perfectly too for being cozy. He wore it every night we were in Ohio.


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