Project 6: Finger Puppets

In an effort to keep Thomas entertained on the plane to and from Ohio for Christmas, I wrapped small gifts that he could open when he got restless.

Three of those were finger puppets I made patterns for and sewed before we left. Not fancy but any means, but he really likes them and more than a month later still asks for them several times a week.

I realized while I was sewing them that they weren’t looking anything like my plan. I’d hoped the yellow one would be an owl. The middle green one? A bear, probably. The green on the left was to be a frog (sort of still is). Felt can be hella hard to sew. And I didn’t want to change thread a million times, which also limited what I could do. And then I thought, why not use those decorative stitches I never use?

I have a Janome 7330 Magnolia machine, which comes with 30 stitches:

janome stitches

For Mr. Yellow, I used 30 for his eyes and 27 for his mouth. Mr. Green Alien Bear also got eyes of 30, plus ears of 29 and a mouth secured by 13 (though 14 would be pretty good too). Frog got a mouth of 25, and eyes that are straight-stitched on (1).

I did all my faces, and then stitched the front to the back.

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