Project 4: Birthday favors

So, there’s a trend at Thomas’ daycare of celebrating 1st birthdays. It started when one of T’s little friends turned 1 in the spring. The mom brought baby food pouches, which I thought was excellent. It’s ballooned from there. The thing with the food is, not all the babies are on solids. And other moms have given toys and candy — inappropriate for all ages.

So, I set out to come up with something that would appeal to all. And I came across some Waldorf toys that were good for teethers and toddlers. (Thomas’ room is 6 weeks to 2 years.) I treated the wooden rings (similar) with food-grade conditioner to seal. Because T’s birthday is July 4, added red, white and blue ribbons. And I included a stick-on mustache from the 99 cent store — because nothing is funnier to me than babies wearing mustaches. I used blue paper sacks and fastened them with brads (similar) I had from scrapbooking.

I was pleased with the results. I have heard nothing from any of the other parents. However, the teachers don’t always say whose birthday it was, so I’m not disappointed!


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