April 2014: Goals progress


1. Work out more. I can’t even accurately give mileage or steps for the month of April. My fitbit had a fritz (I thought I was going to have to contact customer service and get a new one, but it seems to be working), so the last two weeks of April were inaccurate and disappointing. As Josh reminds me, I still WALKED all the steps. I just don’t know how many it was. And we didn’t sleep train in April, so I’m stalled again. Thomas started cutting his top teeth the weekend we were going to do it, then had hand, foot and mouth disease, and then cut two more bottom teeth. Finally the past couple days he seems to be more comfortable and sleeping better, so maybe May!

2. Limit television. April was bad. Thomas and I stayed home for four days because his HFM was contagious and he couldn’t go to daycare. There were five hours of mindless TV watching that week. Otherwise, I stayed within the goal.

3. Make one new recipe a month. By the time it gets to the end of the month, I just can’t remember anymore. I did remember that I made stout chocolate cupcakes in March for a company St. Patrick’s Day potluck. Maybe in May I’ll remember something I made in April that was new.

4. Make 10 projects. No projects. I have some clothing I’d like to make, but finding the time is SO HARD.

5. Clothing budget.  $149/$500. I spent $30 on three T-shirts from Target in April, and $93 on four tops from Modcloth. And now I must not buy for a long time.

6. Fix/upcycle one clothing item a month. 4/12. No new items in April.

7. Declutter. I did some shifting around of items in an effort to make our family room more baby safe and was able to organize and get rid of some more things. I REALLY need to work harder at this. Finding “spare” time is challenging, though.

8. Read 52 books. 5/52. Three new ones in April.

My list this year:

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
Divergent (Divergent, #1) by Veronica Roth
Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline
Inferno (Robert Langdon, #4) by Dan Brown
The House of Hades (The Heroes of Olympus, #4) by Rick Riordan

I started listening to audiobooks in the car, so maybe that will help some. I doubt I’m reaching 52, though.

9. Home improvements. We got a few roofing guy recommendations, and now it’s basically getting quotes and biting the bullet for cost.

10. Go on dates. We went to the zoo with our little third wheel on Easter weekend. Honestly, we just like to spend time with him. Spending time without him seems like a weird thing to do still.

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