March 2014: Goals progress

1. Work out more. According to my Fitbit, I walked 102.53 miles in March. I have MUCH better days than others, but I’m doing OK. We’re going to sleep train Thomas in April, so this might be better for my next update. I’ve yet to lose another pound since, like, last September. Still 8 pounds to go to pre-baby weight. I’d like to make a little dent, at least.

2. Limit television. No mindless watching in March. We’ve been trying to keep the TV off on weekends.

3. Make one new recipe a month. I made this recipe for one-hour bread. It’s GOOD. And super easy. I think I make it once a week now. We eat something that needs bread on Sunday and then we use the other loaf for a Tuesday meal. It’s perfect.

4. Make 10 projects. I made sensory bags for Thomas. (And forgot to post it until today.)

5. Clothing budget.  $26/$500. I didn’t buy anything in March.

6. Fix/upcycle one clothing item a month. 4/12. No new items in March.

7. Declutter. I got rid of a pair of rollerblades, a dust buster, a lap desk, 14 pairs of very gently worn shoes, some unused baby items and a car seat we’ve outgrown. All on Freecycle. The shoes were especially hard to part with, but 1. I’ve gone up a half size post-pregnancy, and 2. Most were heels that I can’t wear since spraining my ankle twice a few years ago. It feels good to be rid of the stuff.

8. Read 52 books. 2/52. I read the new Dan Brown book by borrowing it from the library for my Kindle. I wasn’t impressed. I would like to read more books, though.

9. Home improvements. None in March. We got a hefty tax return, though, so we’re thinking we should do our roof soon.

10. Go on dates. We’re trying to take T more places on the weekend. But we’re hesitant to hire a babysitter because he’s not sleep trained. So, depending on how that goes in April, we’ll see!

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