2014 Project 1: Sensory bags for babies

We noticed last week that Thomas has “sensory play” at daycare. When you clicked on the item in the app daycare uses, it described it as “paint in a bag.”

Josh and I have been talking about doing more of this type of stuff with T now that he’s getting older. So, I ordered some paint and looked around on the Internet for some other sensory play ideas.

I came across these sensory bags.

I went to the 99 Cent Only store and bought 120 oz. of hair gel (six 20 oz. bottles in clear and blue), but couldn’t find any innars. At Target, I found some squishy frogs and lizards at the One Spot, and some bouncy balls and squishy bugs in the party favor section.

For each bag, I used a freezer gallon bag and filled it with 40 oz. of hair gel. Then, I added the toys, pressed out the air and sealed it up. Then I used duct tape on all the edges to reinforce them — hoping they won’t burst!

They were pretty directly a big hit with Thomas:



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