February 2014: Goals progress

1. Work out more. I’ve been trying to add more steps every day, and I’ve tried to do some squats or ab work and such in the evenings when playing with or soothing Thomas. It’s going OK. I haven’t weighed myself in weeks, so I have no idea if it’s actually doing anything for me.

2. Limit television. No mindless watching in February. But we did start watching True Detective and Downton Abbey came back for another season in January. I’m sure both those things helped.

3. Make one new recipe a month. I made brussels sprout potato gratin. Definitely a winner. It was easy to make and delicious. The leftovers didn’t reheat as well as I’d have liked, but it was yummy — when hot. I took it to a potluck brunch and it’s good, but not great after it cools some.

4. Make 10 projects. No projects yet. I started new curtains for Thomas’ room, though.

5. Clothing budget.  $26/$500. I bought a tunic ($16) and a pair of jeans ($10). I have a few gift cards and I’m going to try to sell some items to a resale shop for credit. How will we count those?

6. Fix/upcycle one clothing item a month. 4/12. Two items. I switched out all the buttons on a purple cardigan that’s been sitting on my mending pile for, oh, probably five years since it was there before we moved into the house in 2010. And I slimmed down a shirt I’d bought in the wrong size in October and didn’t get a change to return and then time expired.

7. Declutter. I returned some baby stuff to a friend, recycled more boxes, tossed some stuff, moved the litter boxes to the back bedroom and stacked some items to get rid of on Freecycle.

8. Read 52 books. 1/52. No new ones in February, which means I’m quite behind on this. I borrowed some Kindle books from the library, though, so there’s that.

9. Home improvements. None in February.

10. Go on dates. None in February. We did all go to the zoo together, though. T didn’t seem to care too much for the animals yet, but it was hot and they weren’t moving a ton. And we didn’t go for very long because SOMEONE needed a nap.

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