February goals check-in


February wasn’t the best month for whittling away at my goals list. When it comes to resolutions, it’s not uncommon for January to be your strongest month, but I really think I can get back at it. Here’s how it went down.


  • 10 projects. Nope!
  • Post one photo to Etsy each month. I didn’t do this. I thought about it, and the mere thought of it annoyed me. I’m cutting it from the list. I don’t have time for self-imposed rules that just make me feel bad!


  • Pay down credit card from 2013. Paid down another $800. Not much further to go! I’m tempted to just pay off the remaining balance from my savings account, but the idea makes me nervous. I may be able to handle the rest of it by the end of April without dipping into savings.

1100/1700 = 64.7%

  • Plan and stick to a budget. Um. Yeah. That. I should do that.
  • Save $2500. The bank randomly returned a deposit, so only $150 this month.

300/2500= 12%


  • Drink 64 oz. of water a day. Uhhh, so. I apparently did this only five days in February. FIVE DAYS. When I do make this goal, it’s usually because I’ve stood in the kitchen and forced myself to chug a big ol’ tumbler’s worth. I feel so much better when I drink water, so I need to keep doing it.
  • Lose 45 lbs. I weighed myself a couple of days ago and was back up a little. See above about drinking water. I think it helps here, too.
  • Walk 4,000 steps a day. 18/28 days. Decent!


  • Reduce procrastination. I don’t think I procrastinated so much this month, but dang, it’s because I have no time. Our intern quit, my boss was out of the country one week, we’re revamping the website and everything is crazy.
  •  Do one useful/fun thing each month. Bonfire! New restaurants! Met people from the internet! (No, not dating.)
  • Send one card a month. I sent some Valentines, a postcard and a birthday card. Check.
  • Cut down on wasting time on the internet. I was less good about this one. It’s good when the brain is tired.
  • Write two pages/day, three days/week. I did wrote only four times in February. Not four weeks, four writing sessions. That’s pitiful, especially when you consider that I really like doing it. I mostly just didn’t feel like getting up early for it.


  • Read 15 books this year. Still nada. But I did finish one book on Saturday.

0/15 = 0%

  • Go to four museums or Atlanta things. I think I’m going to have to make a list of what qualifies as an “Atlanta thing.” Is it only museums or historical sites? What makes something Atlantan? I’ll work on a blog post for that one.

So I guess February wasn’t that bad. It looks like the biggest challenge was a lack of time. Onward to March!

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