January 2014: Goals progress

The year’s off to an OK start so far.

1. Work out more. We didn’t start our pedometer challenge at work 😦 Don’t they know I NEED that? I did work out once on the elliptical, did an abs workout while playing with Thomas in the evening and went on a few long walks on the weekend. Josh and I usually try to do a walk every Saturday and Sunday and we didn’t get there in January, so I actually probably did less activity than normal. I’ll hit my stride! I can see that once Thomas isn’t breastfeeding anymore (which is our current evening routine), we’ll be able to do a walk every evening. Something to look forward to!

2. Limit television. Turns out, I wasn’t even watching everything I DVR’d in favor of mindless watching sometimes. So far, I’m not going over my free two hours per week AND I’m cleaning off the DVR.

3. Make one new recipe a month. Did I make a new recipe? I cooked a lot… I can’t remember. My memory isn’t so great these days. If I remember later, I’ll update.

4. Make 10 projects. No projects yet. This might be more difficult this year because of the limited time available! I have some half-finished projects still hanging around, so if I finish them up, I’m counting them toward this year!

5. Clothing budget.  $0/$500. I didn’t buy anything in January. I’ve already bought a tunic in February and I need another pair of jeans, so….. I’ll have some dollars to record the next time.

6. Fix/upcycle one clothing item a month. 2/12. I mended my green sweater and replaced a needed button to another. (I even fixed that sleeve of the green sweater. I truly am trying to keep up on this one!)

7. Declutter. I got rid of a bassinet, we recycled TONS of boxes we weren’t using and I listed and gave some other items away on Freecycle. I also donated a trash bag of clothes. I’m hoping to set aside a half hour or hour this weekend to make some needed purges in our storage cupboards.

8. Read 52 books. 1/52.

The Heroes of Olympus, Book Four: The House of Hades by Rick Riordan (yes, I read YA. Deal.)

I’m not really sure what to read lately. New books are being published this year in series I read, but until then, I’m kinda left wondering what I want to read.

9. Home improvements. Well, our oven hasn’t been working the greatest and then just crapped out. It wasn’t on my list of things to fix, but it’s done and works AMAZING now. The dude said it’s probably 15 years old. Some wire burned out. Because apparently with double ovens, you should alternate the one you use and not just use the top the most. Who knew?

10. Go on dates. Josh and I went to lunch with a group on MLK day because we were both off and daycare was open. It was weird to be without the baby. And then we went grocery shopping without him.

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