Mending: The saga of the green sweater

I bought a lovely grass-colored green sweater at a sample sale of Tulle in 2012, right when I was first pregnant. What I didn’t see at the time was that it had a small hole right near the left shoulder. I noticed it when I wore it the first time. While I was at work. And three people pointed it out.

I didn’t wear the sweater again.

Using this tutorial, though, I decided to mend it as one of my projects this year. I’d bought thread that sorta matched (couldn’t find an exact) while I was pregnant, so there was nothing holding me back from doing this except my desire to procrastinate.



And so, it was fixed. Glorious day! And I wore it to work! And I washed it! And I wore it to work again! And that’s when everything, literally, came unraveled. I was talking to a coworker and noticed a thread sticking out of my sleeve. I pulled it and the seam on the right arm came apart.

Back into the mending pile.

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