Tasha’s 2014 Goals

I love that writing out our yearly goals is now a tradition. Just writing the list is a good exercise because it makes me think about what I want to achieve, and why. In writing this year’s list, I found a recurring theme: I want to have less sitting around and more doing. Here’s what’s on my list for 2014:


  • 10 projects. I haven’t hit this goal either of the last two years, but dammit, it’s staying on here.
  • Post one photo to Etsy each month. I’ve totally neglected my little Etsy shop, and I don’t take nearly enough photos. I figure that having a goal of one Etsy-worthy shot each month will force me to take more photos, as well as to notice the little things going on around me more often. I also reserve the right to call the photo a craft project if I feel like it.


  • Pay down credit card from 2013. There’s only $1700 to go! I think I might also be able to tackle another card completely in 2014. I learned last year that automatic transfers are really great for me, and even though the bill is always paid with this method, I’m still willing to make additional payments. I’m pretty motivated on this one.
  • Plan and stick to a budget. YNAB stands for You Need A Budget. And I do. I’m a little freaked out about budgets; they feel so draconian and just… make me feel poor. But I’ll be poorer if I don’t use one.
  • Save $2500. I want to do this again, and I hope to have a lot of freelance work this year as well.


  • Drink 64 oz. of water a day. I’ve been better about drinking water lately, and it’s a good trend. Drinking less soda is a natural consequence, which is great. I definitely have cut down in 2013, and I’d like to continue. I probably have three or so Diet Cokes a week; maybe I could get down to just one?
  • Lose 45 lbs. There’s a gym in my new apartment building, so I’ll go running there. I’ll also live near a bunch of green space and a trail that connects to lots of great parts of the city. This will also be helped by:
  • Walk 4,000 steps a day. By the power of Fitbit, I have the power!


  • Reduce procrastination. Focusing on this in 2013 definitely helped. I’m not sure it’s an ingrained habit yet, so it’s staying on the list for now. If I feel like I’ve got it down, I’ll take it off.
  •  Do one useful/fun thing each month. You knew this last year as “Do one thing each month that makes my life easier,” but that started to feel like a command to make my life ever more efficient. That’s nice sometimes, but it’s not always work work work. So I’m adding some fun to it.
  • Send one card a month. Inspired by this project, I want to send a card a month to someone I love, just to say hey.
  • Cut down on wasting time on the internet. I do love reading things on the internet (blogs, makeup posts on Reddit, playing on Pinterest), but I find myself screwing around there even when I’m bored. I could be doing something more than being a slug.
  • Write two pages/day, three days/week. That’s what I want to do with some of that reclaimed time. I think I’ll come to like it and do more. I’m imagining myself doing this in the mornings before work, because I think it’ll help me get ready to face the day, be contemplative and work out things that are bugging me.


  • Read 15 books this year. I reached my goal of 20 books last year, but I don’t think I’d have done it without good ol’ Sookie Stackhouse and Harry Potter, so I’m cutting down some this year.
  • Go to four museums or Atlanta things. Again, I don’t go do enough stuff. I’ve never really played the tourist in my own town. I’ve never been to Fernbank or the High or even Stone Mountain, and that’s ludicrous. Time to change it. 


This seems like a lot, but I think it’s doable. I really do want to give up a lot of the sluggish internet time. In addition to the aforementioned YNAB, I’m also using the Habit List app to not only help me keep track of things, but also remind me of the things that I think are important to focus on this year. It’s gorgeous, and I’m betting that I’ll get competitive about not ending a streak.

Here’s to a great 2014!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    You always have such good goals! I think you’re totally going to rock this list, plus it’ll get you out doing a lot of fun stuff.

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