November 2013: Goals progress

1. Lose the baby weight by the end of the year (37 pounds, to return to 145). I’m at 152, up three pounds from my last update. I think I gained back what I’d lost from my first week of work, and because Thanksgiving. I’m totally not going to make this goal, and I’m not really trying that hard, to be honest. Breastfeeding isn’t conducive to dieting, and working full time and having a baby isn’t conducive to increased activity. It’ll balance at some point.

2. Stockpile food. We’ve been eating our frozen meals to get through every week, so it’s been really, really great. I don’t know how we’d survive otherwise. By the time Josh gets home, it’s way too late to order food. (Plus boo on the money that would cost and the calorie-laden food it would produce.)

3. Make/do 10 projects.

No additional projects. However, I ordered fabric to make new curtains for Thomas (seriously, the green just doesn’t go and I can’t stand it anymore), and I bought fabric book panels to make him fabric books for Christmas. (I was also going to make him blocks, but I think I need to not pile it on.)

16/10 = 160%

4. Read 52 books.

No new books. But I bought two and I’m going to try to complete at least one in December.

18/52 = 34.6%

5. Make two new recipes each month. I made a no-knead bread from Budget Bytes. I’m sure I made something else, too, but my memory has holes. So we’ll just say I didn’t. I’m surely ahead for the year on this goal, so no biggie.

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  1. Tasha says:

    Nice! Lots of good stuff going on.

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