October 2013: Goals progress

1. Lose the baby weight by the end of the year (37 pounds, to return to 145). I’m at 149, down almost two pounds from last month. I’m pretty sure that’s all from the past week since I started working. More structured eating and probably eating a little less? I’m definitely less active, so it’s got to be food intake! Unfortunately, that has its own issues.

2. Stockpile food. SOOOOO much on this. Because I knew I was going back to work the last week of October, I worked hard to put a bunch of meals in the freezer to help us adjust to the schedule. My final count was 20 meals. I made homemade frozen pizzas, crockpot chili packs, “meat”loafs, broccoli quinoa casseroles, ricotta, mac and cheese, spinach stuffed shells, calzones… It’s great because it means that no matter what happens over the next month, we won’t starve.

3. Make/do 10 projects.

I made Thomas’ pacifier clip. I cut out some outfits to make for him awhile ago, and now I’m sure they’re too small 😦 Baby clothing has to be completed same day, I think. I’d still like to paint the onesies! A coworker of Josh’s gave him a bunch of baby clothes the other day, including more white onesies. So. There’s that.

16/10 = 160%

4. Read 52 books.

I read Night Film for book club, which it turns out I won’t be able to go to. This is by far my lightest reading year in a long time.

18/52 = 34.6%

5. Make two new recipes each month. Bread complements meals so well, but it’s hard to find a bread recipe that’s done quickly. I tried this peasant bread recipe because it’s a quicker bread than most. Still took a couple hours, but it was definitely one of the tastier breads I’ve had in my life. I’ve found a few no-knead breads that can be made up the night before and baked when I get home from work, so I might have to work on that for the upcoming weeks.

I also invented a mac and cheese recipe with spinach that we ate for dinner one weekend and I had LOTS to stockpile, too. I’m sure I tried a couple of other recipes, but of course can’t remember.

That pizza crust recipe I posted a couple of months ago has become a staple. I made the frozen pizzas and calzones using it. We probably have pizza at least once a week since I discovered it. So easy, so tasty.

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