September 2013: Goals progress

1. Lose the baby weight by the end of the year (37 pounds, to return to 145). I’m at 151.8, down a little more than a pound from last month. Here’s the deal: I have to eat 2,000 calories every day, but I also want to lose weight. This is a hard balance to strike. I was able to work out some in September, and I started doing ab work as Thomas is on his mat strengthening his neck (Tasha and I have agreed that I will not call it by it’s alliterative name). So, we’ll see. If I can do more walking, I still think this goal is totally doable. But I have to work more on it. And eat fewer sweets.

2. Stockpile food. Mostly we’ve been working on eating our stockpile, not adding to it. Burritos, burritos, burritos. Stockpiling is hard because it’s got to rotate! I think one more month of this and then back to stockpiling a lot. (Unless I get a job, and then I have to really work on that to store food up before I go to work.)

3. Make/do 10 projects.

I finished my wallet, and have been using it. I’m really happy with it! I only have one available slot left (of 38), so I think this means I need to use up some gift cards.

16/10 = 160%

I also patched a pair of yoga leggings I recently bought at Target (I ripped them on a rose bush in the front yard), and I cut out some little baby outfits for the boy. I bought snaps and a snap tool, so if it goes well, I might end up making lots of baby clothes. I also bought freezer paper and fabric paint, so Josh and I are ready to paint up some baby onesies, and I’m working on my baby photo book for Shutterfly. I’d hoped to be done by now, but it’s much more time-consuming than I expected.

I got a free file cabinet from Freecycle, so I’m organizing our papers periodically.

I still have more projects I want to do — appliques on onesies, sewing baby bloomers, Shellacking the display shelves my dad made, organizing my sewing room.

But, it’s been a good month. Thomas is getting to be a more independent napper, so I’ve been able to clean and organize while he’s sleeping.

4. Read 52 books.

I read another book — The Passion of the Purple Plumeria by Lauren Willig.

17/52 = 32.7%

5. Make two new recipes each month. Totally continued my making all my meals kick. Seriously, I’m happy with it, though I don’t always have time to make everything I want to, but I find time to do the necessities (dinner, stockpiling, whatnot).

Recipes I made:

English muffins. (I doubled this recipe the first time and tripled it the second and third. They’re definitely getting easier to make, but I found them harder to cook the second time. However, I also threw in some vanilla soy milk because I was short on milk. So there’s that. Still turned out fine.)

Baked Rigatoni with Sausage and Eggplant. (I used Morningstar veggie crumbles instead of sausage. This recipe made a TON. I had too much for a 13×9 pan and ended up putting the extra in a loaf pan and freezing it for a later dinner. It was quite yummy and I recommend it. Just make sure to cook the eggplant quite a bit before the oven stage. Mine was a little tough.)

Oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies. (Because we’re trying new sweets recipes.)

I also made a crockpot minestone soup from Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker. I’ve had the cookbook for a couple of years and hadn’t made a recipe from it. But I think I’ll make more! This soup was good and really easy. I put everything together in about 10 minutes the night before in the crock and just plopped it down to heat up the next day. I really need to use my crockpot a lot more.

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