Ombré dyed dress



Months ago, I pinned this shirt as a dyeing inspiration. About a month later, I decided it’d be perfect for this dress (above), which was originally white and from Target. It’s lace (with lining) on top and a cotton skirt. I thought it’d be perfect for summer weekends when I bought it three years ago. Instead, I mostly ended up wearing it in the winter with leggings, boots, a cardigan and a colorful scarf.

Then I stained it by spilling food on myself. Because it’s white. It was bound to happen.

I dyed the skirt portion first — I was dyeing some onesies teal and added a few shirts to the dye bath and thought it was time to do this too. However, the flaw in my plan was that the baby and Josh were sleeping, but ONE of them woke up and started crying when I was partway through. I’ll let you guess which one. He was hungry, so I had to attend to that and left for 15 minutes in the middle of dyeing. And so, that line. Coulda been worse. I came back and did the navy a bit later, once Thomas the Tiny Tyrant was down for a nap.

(Also, yes, that’s what I call him when he’s demanding. When he’s happy, he’s Thomas Burrito — because he’s swaddled a lot. When he’s fussy, he’s covered in mole sauce because Josh and I don’t like fussiness and we don’t like mole. When he’s upset about his clothes/blankets, we ask him if he needs a bigger tortilla.)

This is still a bit tight on top — and totally inconvenient for nursing — so I won’t be wearing it anytime soon, but I was glad to finish it. Slowly but surely my mending/altering pile is getting smaller!

I used RIT dye — teal for the bottom, navy for the top.

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