Hair tutorial: Easy waves with no effort


So, my hair’s long enough that if I don’t do something with it (at least blowing it dry), I look… not great. However, I’ve also mostly been taking showers at night and sleeping on wet hair — and I pull my hair out of my face to sleep. Most days, that equals weirdly kinky hair from being in a braid.

My solution? A more creative braid.

1. Divide hair into three sections.

2. Twist each section (but not enough that it curls up on itself).

3. Braid the sections starting at the base of the skull.

4. Wind the braid into a loose-type bun and pin with a few bobby pins.

5. In the morning, pull out the pins, unwind your hair and add some product. Walk out your door with about two minutes of effort.

(This hair routine — along with these e.l.f. eyeshadow sticks — have whittled my beauty routine to about 10 minutes. Which is great, considering I fill most of the time “getting ready” before I go somewhere with feeding Thomas and getting HIM ready.)

**Some day I will become more thorough with posts like these and do those cool graphics with the montage of steps and whatnot. Maybe I will even come back and update these posts. Maybe.**

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