Project 14: scrapbook whales


There was a point where I looked at the baby’s room and realized that there wasn’t enough of a theme happening in there. One thing I’d pinned a long time ago was a picture of different scrapbook paper elephants on a string. Since our baby’s room is whale/ocean themed, I decided to bring more whales into the mix this way.

I used scrapbook paper I already have (leftover from when scrapbooking was my major craft hobby before I moved to LA where no one does it) and yarn.

I found a silhouette of a whale through a Google image search and save the pic into Photoshop to blow it up. I printed it on regular paper and then traced two mirror images on the back of the scrapbook paper. Total that’s 20 whales. I cut them all out and attached them with the yarn running through the middle with Mod Podge. Josh and I attached them to the wall with thumbtacks, which I plan on painting the heads of with nail polish.

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