June 2013: Goals progress

1. Baby weight (max 35 pounds). I’ve gained 36 pounds, with 1.5 weeks to go. I’m retaining a lot of water (which hasn’t happened to me at all during this pregnancy before this), I think because it’s getting H-O-T in LA. We had record heat over the weekend and I mostly stayed inside with our air running. Yesterday, we ventured out for an hour, but had to hurry home because my feet swelled and I was miserable. Next update the weight will be going in the opposite direction. SO WEIRD TO THINK ABOUT.

2. Stockpile food. I made no more progress on this in June. I’m more sore and tired and have been resting a lot. I’ll have to get my dad to work on this for me!

3. Make/do 10 projects. Two projects in June. I refashioned a t-shirt and made a diaper bag.

13/10 = 130%

4. Read 52 books. I finished Jon Krakauer’s Three Cups of Deceit. Reading just hasn’t been holding my attention lately.

15/52 = 28.8%

5. Make two new recipes each month. For dinner one night, I made this Wonderpot. I had pinned a version before Budget Bytes had a version, and Josh and I opted to try it when he was home from Denver for a weekend of shooting in LA. Then, he wanted something sweet, so I made these brownies. Now, Josh isn’t super into sweets, so I expected him to eat one brownie. That’s his usual. Nope. He ate about half of them. So I’d say that recipe’s a winner.

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