Oh, life

I just found out about an app called Oh Life. They email you to ask how your day went, you respond and slap on a photo if you feel like it, and it keeps a version online for you, like a cute little online diary.

I think this is pretty great. I’ve talked about this before, but I sometimes think the WP interface makes blogging feel like so much more of a thing than it needs to be, like there’s got to be this long narrative arc culminating in a finished project or funny story. But really, we started this blog to keep up with each other’s lives.

It’d be awesome if in the future, you could export your entries straight to WordPress or Facebook or other sites.

So here you go. Here’s my first entry:

I started today kind of bracing myself for dealing with one annoying work project, but no. Others came up — surprise! I sent a sternly worded email telling people to behave on social media, and it turns out it was a bunch of old buddies messing with one another. Whoops! At least I got some practice in confronting people? I didn’t even have a panic attack after hitting “send” on the email.

This process of writing about my day is actually pretty nice! Here, have a picture my coworker took while we were in Chinatown last week.

Chinatown bakery

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  1. Stephanie says:

    After you posted on FB the other day, I signed up. I think it’s pretty great. And I like that it’s private and it can just be one sentence if I want it to be. Being eight months pregnant is basically like a string of bad days where some are slightly less awful than others… I’ve been complaining to Oh Life about it, which helps me vent and doesn’t make me feel like I’m going to start seeing pitchforks out there for violating the pregnant code by sharing the lows.

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