Project 13: Diaper bag

First, I really thought I would make a diaper bag. I was really intimidated, though. And thought, “Stephanie, why are you so crazy? Just buy one.” But I’ve finished so many projects that I thought “maybe.”

I saw this diaper bag at Target and really liked it:

via Target

But I don’t love the price tag. AND I bought one diaper bag — a plain black one — that would be very good for Josh to carry around. I didn’t want to buy two. Why couldn’t I just use the plain one? So, I decided that I’d either use that one OR I’d make one if I wanted a more decorative one.

So, I found this pattern and tutorial for the Tohoku Tote on I Am Momma Hear Me Roar. I envisioned it without the bow and with a cross-body strap.

After printing the pattern, I thought it’d be a bit small for a diaper bag. So I added an inch and a half to each side and the top. I followed the tutorial really closely, except for the pockets.




I first used the pattern piece for the lining and cut the pocket from the bottom half of the pattern piece. I cut four, per the tutorial on IAMHMR. I figured I would just sew the pockets to the lining and sew the two lining pieces together. I didn’t think it out, though. Because when I boxed the lining, it meant that half of each pocket was actually on the bottom of the bag.

I tried to live with it. I really did. But then I realized it would bug me SO MUCH. So I ripped the lining apart to fix the pockets. I ended up having to sew the pockets on after I re-sewed the lining back together. THAT was a bit challenging. Fixing my mistake did allow me to add more pockets on the sides of the inside for bottles. I first planned to make those pockets with elastic tops, which I think I would have preferred. But I was so tired of this bag by that point that I didn’t feel like adding the elastic.

Then I used this tutorial to make the strap for the bag.

I also had to buy a heavier needle — an 18 — to sew the lining to the bag’s exterior and to sew the strap.



What’s great about this bag is that the only thing I bought for it is the magnetic clasp. I think it was about $4. I used the extra fabric from my bedroom shades and the baby curtains for the fabric. I’ve had the interfacing for years, and I stole the D-rings and hardware for the strap from a purse that was falling apart.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tasha says:

    It looks really good! I think you’re sharpening your sewing skills.

    1. Stephanie says:

      Josh thinks I should develop my own pattern and start selling them because he doesn’t think it looks like I made it. I’ve been working on making my projects look more professional!

      1. Tasha says:

        I like it! I bought sewing machine oil. That’s like completing a project, right?

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