Project 9: Fold-over clutch

For years, I’ve coveted the American Apparel leather pouch. But it’s $46. For two pieces of leather stitched together with a zipper. Another issue? I don’t buy leather. I’d just contented myself with the fact that I’d never have one when I had a flash of inspiration: why don’t I make one out of vinyl?

Now, for me… being inspired and actually DOING something about it are two very different things. Especially right now when I have about 10 million things on my plate. (Sidenote: I thought I’d be bored by now with not working, but nope. I am getting things done. And it’s awesome.)

Plus, vinyl’s not super cheap, either. I mean, cheaper than leather for sure, but it’s always about $8/yard at JoAnn’s on the clearance fabric rack.

And then, one day, I was there and decided to check the remnant rack for kicks. A lot of the remnants are just under a yard and I thought that there might be enough for a pillow or something for the baby’s room. There it was: Almost one yard of dark green vinyl. For 50% off the marked price of $4.80. It seemed like fate.

I came home and pinned this tutorial and this tutorial and this tutorial. All of them were kinda what I wanted, but not quite. And then in the comments on one of them (I forget which one), I came across THIS tutorial. And I knew that Rachel at Transient Expressions was a girl after my own heart. Lining. It’s exactly what I wanted.

So, I bought a purse zipper at JoAnn’s for $2.49, and I cut out all my pieces, including lining from some fabric I already had. (It was going to be a skirt at one point, and then I lost motivation. Don’t worry. I have plenty. It could still be a skirt.)



One difference: I cut my pieces for different dimensions. Rachel cut hers 12×12. I cut mine 13×14. One, I wanted a longer pouch. Two, while my zipper is 12 inches like hers, my vinyl would have come up short without the extra inch of width.



I also just folded the bottom of my lining under and topstiched to close it as my very last step. It’s not as pretty as the way she did it, but it’s a bit faster.



And, voila! Green pouch, chevron lining, black zipper. I’m thinking that this will be really nice for tossing in the diaper bag to keep MY stuff separate from the baby’s so I’m not carrying too many things around.

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  1. Tasha says:

    I like it! And it’s still small enough to throw in other bags, like you said. You’re super-productive!

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