57 Burritos


I’m so sick of rolling burritos.


I have two lovely friends who were quite insistent that I have a baby shower or party of some kind. (I have plenty of other lovely friends, but they weren’t quite as insistent about the whole thing.) I tried to put them off, but it didn’t work.

And so, the Saturday before Mother’s Day, I found myself having a party. At my house (it’s centrally located and made me roll up my sleeves and clean my house).

Neither of my friends/hosts has a forte for cooking. Since I do, I suggested a build-your-own-taco bar and volunteered to make the taco fillings. Those two took care of the rest of the food and drinks.

I made Budget Bytes’ quinoa black bean tacos for a vegan filling for my veggie friends, and a crockpot chicken filling from this recipe for my omnivore friends. Except, it’s been YEARS since I made meat and calculated how much to prepare. So I WAY overmade the chicken. Luckily, I’d already decided that I would make the leftover chicken meat into burritos for the freezer for Josh. It still would have been good to give some of it away to party guests, though. No one would take it. “You should eat it!” Um, they know I don’t eat meat. I also decided — based on the amount of quinoa and black bean filling — to make those leftovers into burritos, too.

I went to Costco, bought 12 bell peppers and 60 tortillas (yay! bulk!), and got started. And kept going. I made 33 chicken burritos, filling each tortilla with 1/3 cup of chicken meat, a couple spoonfuls of cut-up peppers and cheese. I made 12 quinoa and black bean burritos. I still had leftover tortillas, so I made 12 more bean and cheese burritos. Then I ran out of cheese and had to stop. Thank goodness. I don’t know that I’ll be able to roll another burrito for months.

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  1. Tasha says:

    At least your freezer is stocked?

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