DIY hair trim

So I have a confession to make: I HATE paying $50+ to have a quarter of an inch trimmed off my hair. HATE.

But, I still get split ends. And the only way to cure that is to cut them off. In the six years I’ve lived in LA, I still have yet to find a stylist I love. I’ve had a couple who have been acceptable, but no one I’d like to visit twice. I didn’t realize how fortunate I was before moving here to have amazing stylists. I just took it for granted.

I came across this post on the internets: How-to Trim Split Ends at Home.

It reminded me of a magazine article I read when I was 15 — probably in YM? — about how to cut your own hair in layers. That technique was similar to this one, with a few changes… You gather your hair into a high ponytail (no ponytail holder), twist it and then cut off the ends in a straight line with haircutting scissors. When you let your hair down, you have layers.

I never really tried it in high school. What I DID do was twist my hair together and cut off the dead ends that stuck out of the twist. Much like the technique in the article about trimming your split ends. And it worked really well. So much so that I gained a lot of (unearned) confidence about cutting my own hair and basically would do my own trims when I had a pixie cut for a year or so.

So, I bought hair cutting scissors, twisted my hair, trimmed the splits AND did a little chop on the ends (complete with point-cutting).

While Josh says he can see a difference, I didn’t notice too much of a change.

I’m happy with the results, so who knows when I’ll go to a salon again!


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  1. Tasha says:

    Lookit you, being all fancy and accomplishing stuff!

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