Project 5: Purse life extension

I like purses. A lot. I tend to buy cheap ones because of that… I don’t generally carry any purse for more than a few months, tops. (However, I do own a couple of expensive and sturdy purses in classic shapes and colors. So I’m not a lost cause for all those crazy “but you need an expensive bag!” people out there.)

I bought this purse at H&M about a year ago. I like the size and that it has a cross-body strap. But after a couple months of (hard) use, the color was peeling off the PVC body at the bottom of the bag. Noticeably. I retired it from use and started using a different bag.


(Sidenote: This is not my first purse from H&M to do this. However, I also have several purses from there that have held up for years with no visible damage. So this is neither an endorsement of the quality of the company’s purses nor a condemnation.)

Generally, when I’ve damaged a purse, it’s because I’ve carried so many heavy things for so long that the strap’s come undone. But this was different. It’s only cosmetic.

And then one day, I saw this post from Honestly…WTF. It’s for a painted and decoupaged handbag. I don’t want to use the image without permission, so I’ll wait here until you check it out…. Back? It’s cool, right?

Since colorblock is in right now, I decided painting the bottom of my purse would be the way to stretch out its life. I did three coats of the purple paint, letting each layer dry in between. If I get another month of use, that’s another month of use for less than probably a quarter, considering how cheap paint is.


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  1. Tasha says:

    Awesome! I like the color combo.

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