Pinterest Challenge wrap-up

I started the Pinterest Challenge a bit late, so I gave myself the full six weeks. Which ended today. Turned out it wasn’t enough time.

A refresher of my projects: (You can see the pins here.)

Pinterest Challenge

My finished projects:

Pinterest Challenge wrap-up

1. Hair bow. I used lace from a spool I bought five years ago for $1 and have never used at all. I used a needle and thread to keep it all together and sewed beads from my collection to the middle. It’s got a “romantic” vibe to me, which I think will make it a bit hard for me to wear frequently. I’d still like to knock out some more of these.

2. Moon mani. I cheated a bit and used Incoco Nail Polish Appliques as my bottom color. The original one I’d pinned was silver/gold and navy, but I opted for a more red/coral and navy to capture a nautical-type vibe. I used round white adhesive round labels (cut in half) to make the moons. All in all, it worked pretty well, but I did have some leakage around some of the edges, so the mani’s not perfect.

3. Embroidery wrapped hoops. By far, my favorite of these projects. I’ll write a more detailed post (with more pictures) on these this week, but as I mentioned to Josh while I was doing it, it reminded me of wrapping my boyfriend’s class ring in high school to make it fit my finger. I again used the gradient floss I have. (I bought it at Michael’s maybe a year or two ago?)

4. Kale and quinoa patties. As I mentioned before, not my favorite quinoa patty ever.

5. Two-tone dyed dress. I didn’t accomplish this one. Granted, there’s still a bit of time today, so I could still knock it out, but I’m just not doing it. First, that dress doesn’t fit right now anyway, so there’s no advantage. Second, I’m not in a dyeing mood today. But I’m still planning on doing this technique when I get to the dress! I’ll probably have a dyeing day in April or May. My “mending/upcycle” pile is on my list of to-do’s before the baby comes.

6. Upcycled button up. I really like how this shirt turned out. Granted, it doesn’t fit (my rib cage has expanded four inches — FOUR INCHES — while pregnant), but I’m looking forward to it. A friend was over while I was working on it and complimented it several times. Hopefully it fits whatever new normal my body settles into once I’ve given birth.

Other things I did in this six-week period (that might have contributed to me not accomplishing everything)?

  • Went to Hawaii (the Big Island) for a week to relax, snorkel and see the volcanoes.
  • Dyed two articles of clothing that were sitting around my house. I think I used all my dyeing motivation on these two pieces.
  • Cut out the blackout lining for my one-panel curtains for my bedroom. This has been a project three years in the making. One of three curtains is already hung up! The other two just need the sleeves for the rods and a solution for hanging and this is DONE. I couldn’t be more thrilled.
  • Was sick for a week and a half. Tried to fight it off myself, but what with my suppressed immune system and all, I ended up getting antibiotics after a few days. And then got terribly sick from them. Pregnancy makes you react weird to stuff. I still have a lingering cough, but at least I feel fine.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tasha says:

    This is awesome! I kinda want to make some hoop earrings now. 🙂

  2. Must Have Boxes says:

    I’m totally inspired by this post. Thanks!

    – KW

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