March goals check-in


Crafty things:

  • 10 projects. Not a ton of progress here. I’ll leave it as is.

1.5/10 = 15%


  • Save $2500. I upped the amount of money in the automatic transfer, to $150 each pay period. The new amount started in mid-March, so I added $250 to savings this month. (I also sneaked another $300 into my savings at my local bank, but that’s much more fluid, so I’m not counting it quite yet.)

650/2500 = 26%

  • Pay off Kia car loan. 

1211/1211 = 100%

  • Pay off one credit card.  I’m so happy with paying off one card, I’ve decided to tackle another one. This time, I’m taking on the one with the highest balance. It’s not the one with the highest APR (as Dave Ramsay would recommend), but it’s closest to the limit, due to some shenaniganery by the bank. I set up auto transfers because those are my new boyfriend and I love them, with the thinking that I’ll still make other payments. The automatic transfers will just be sneaky additional payments that I can’t talk myself out of.

701/701 = 100%

  • Budget/raise. I submitted a three-page list of “Here is all the awesome stuff I’ve done since the start of this year.” Boss was proud, boss’ boss is mulling it over. We’ll see!

Physical health:

  • Drink 64 oz. of water a day. Pretty ok here. I’m seeing a difference in my skin when I don’t drink enough water (I basically turn into a lizard), so it’s definitely good for me. I’ve also felt like I’ve had a hair stuck in my throat for a week, so you know. Drinking water helps that.
  • Drink less soda. Okayish?
  • Lose 45 lbs. I walked 88 miles this month! Oh, you guys. I was given a bike. I should fix it up and ride it. Step one complete: Ordering a bike pump.

Mental health:

  • Reduce procrastination. I’m working on it. I definitely put off writing that email about my raise, which is dumb. But the other day I tackled a long list of emails I didn’t want to write, and I’m slowly getting better on that front in general.
  • Do one thing each month that makes my life easier. Auto transfers! ❤ them. I set some some more automatic payments for monthly bills, and paid out my renter’s insurance for the rest of the year. I also signed us up for Zipcar, which I’m kind of excited about!
  • List my 3/3/3 daily. It’s still more “3” than “3/3/3,” but I’m ok with just listing things I’m thankful for.
  • Connect with people more. Good here, too. I called my mama (hi, Mama!) and my gramma, and hung out with folks in ATL a lot this month. I also wrote quick notes to some Chicago peoples. I’m also making more of an effort to let people at work know that I appreciate their hard work.

Read 20 books: Three more this month:

I’m not even going to lie. I love love love the Sookie Stackhouse novels and bought #2 and #3 for my Kindle because I didn’t want to wait for the from the library (the first Kindle books I’ve paid for, actually — the others I’ve gotten have all been free classics). They’re like brain candy, and to be honest, it’s the first book in a long time that I haven’t wanted to put down.

9/20 = 45%

Other things:

  • Go to a museum.
  • Grow my hair out to ponytail length. I love me some ponytails.

Gold freaking star for this month!star

One Comment Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    Zipcar! Awesome. You’ll have to tell me how you like it. I’ve always wondered about it.

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