March 2013: Goals progress

Man, I feel like March has gone so fast, even though I haven’t been working.

1. Baby weight (max 35 pounds). I’ve gained 21.4. I got a lecture from my doctor a week ago about gaining at a slower rate. 😦 More walking, water and fewer sweets in my future.

**Edit: I weighed myself this morning (4/1) and was only up 19.6 pounds. Ummmm… I thought the scale was only supposed to go up? Either way, both of these numbers are less than the 22-pound gain my doctor was showing a week and a half ago. Let’s just roll with it.**

2. Stockpile food. I didn’t do any stockpiling. My major stockpiling isn’t going to be coming until May/June, but I really need to start plotting it!

3. Make/do 10 projects. I finished the upcycled button-up, and half-finished another project. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it and do a post on it soon.

3/10 = 30%

4. Read 52 books. I read two books in March while on vacation in Hawaii. I have a book waiting for me at the library, too, that I’m pretty eager to read.

8/52 = 15.4%

5. Make two new recipes each month. I made tzatziki, falafel and pitas for dinner one day, plus made quinoa and kale patties.

All in all, pretty good effort in March. However, since I’m not working, I really should get cracking on doing more around the house to finish (or start) preparing for the baby and trying to make the second half of my year as unstressful as possible. Instead, I’ve been tired and sick and, in all honestly, kind of lazy and unmotivated. I hope to do a bit better in April!

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  1. Tasha says:

    I’d totally call the start-to-finish, made-from-scratch meal a project! And yes, totally, March just blew by.

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