Half-moon mani


After I made my first batch of DIY nail polishes, I was in a rush to try them out. I decided to try a half-moon mani with my favorite of the three I made.


I painted a base of  L.A. Colors Color Craze in Nuclear Energy, then used hole punch reinforcements to create the “moon.” I painted over the tips with my white-with-pink-and-purple polish and covered everything with a top coat to smooth out the layers.



The polish I made reminds me of cupcakes, for some reason, though it doesn’t really look like them. So I’m calling it my cupcake polish.

Overall, I didn’t love this mani, and I blame the consistency of the two polishes. The L.A. Colors was ridiculously thin and required four coats to build even coverage. My cupcake polish was rather thick and didn’t allow for smooth application. Together, it created a really thick mani, especially on the tips because I wrapped them. I ended taking off this manicure about a day and a half later, but I really liked the color combo!

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