Polishing it up


Somebody got me a DIY nail polish kit for Christmas, and I was super excited to play with it. When I opened the box, I almost didn’t want to disturb the amazing packing job the Etsy seller did with the content. She somehow managed to get 10 bottles of base, 20-something mixing balls and eight different glitters into one of the tiny Priority mail boxes.

Glitter and suspension base especially made for sparkly polish? You know what I had to do.

Black polish with yellow gold and rose gold glitter.

To color the base, you add “pigment” of some sort, and this usually means eyeshadow. Luckily, I had an old, cheap E.L.F. palette lying around, and other friend donated her 55-color palette to the cause.


I made paper funnels to add the mixing balls, shadow and glitter. I started out by carefully measuring how much shadow I was adding, but I soon gave up. The measuring spoon was also too large to dig out the shadow, so I broke the shadows with a chopstick and made a scoop out of a straw.

Other people’s DIY posts seem so much more sophisticated…

I should have paid more attention, though, because this polish became too thick, and I had to use clear polish to thin it.

White base with pink and purple glitter. This one is my favorite.

And as it turns out, I need to revisit my color wheel — I was convinced that blue shadow + gold shadow = swirly blue polish with streaks of gold. It does, as long as you don’t mix the polish:


But it quickly turns into green. Who’d have thought?

Here’s what they look like on:



Thanks for the awesome Christmas gift, Steph!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Yay! I think the black one’s my favorite. I just love the two colors of glitter.

    This isn’t the same Etsy shop I bought yours from (it seems to have disappeared), but it has similar kits and supplies. http://www.etsy.com/shop/FrankenSupplies

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