Project 1: Mug cozy

I crocheted nothing — not one thing — in 2012, despite having a goal to crochet five projects. It’s January 5 and this morning I put the finishing touches on TWO crochet items.

I came across this pattern for a mug cozy from Bubblegirl while surfing Pinterest earlier this week. It’s well within my crocheting capability, and the commenters were saying it took them less than an hour, so it seemed like a nice project to start with. Following the pattern exactly, I ended up with this:


It’s in no way a perfect mug cozy. I’m not sure I’ve ever crocheted anything that I would consider “perfect.” I blocked it a bit and it became relatively flat. During the crocheting, I remembered that a couple months ago I bought a friend of mine a tea infuser mug for her birthday (it’s next week). Unfortunately, the cozy didn’t fit. So, I made a second one, altering the original pattern a bit.



I made the body of the cozy a bit wider since the infuser mug is taller than a standard mug. I chained 12 as my base instead of 8, then decreased (by doing sc and hdc every third stitch) after about 4.5 inches. Otherwise, I mostly followed the pattern. I don’t think it looks super pretty off the mug, but it really works well when it’s on the mug. I may just give her the other mug cozy I made, too. It would probably fit another mug of hers.

I decided to count both these items as one project because I think the year is going to be full without padding my numbers.

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