Goals I like: Clothing budget

Tasha made this comment to me on Dec. 3 in a chat: “Seriously, good job on the clothes thing! I’m a little surprised you stuck to it, tbh 😀 I figured you’d throw your hands up in July and say fuck it.”

So did I friends, so did I.

I keep track of what I spend on clothes for tax reasons, so I know that I’ve spent about $1,500 each year on clothes in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Actually, I think I spent $900 in 2011. But still. BUT STILL. That’s so much money on clothes. And while I love lots of my clothes, I wasn’t really getting what I wanted out of my wardrobe.

Two poignant questions from Tasha on Dec. 3: “Do you think you’ve adjusted your mindset? Or are you dying for Jan. 1?”

I wasn’t dying for Jan. 1. This year of clothing budget has made me think smarter about what I’m buying. The goal was to encourage me to sew more clothes by making that aspect a limitless budget. And I did sew more. But the goal did more for changing how I thought about clothes buying that I used to. Instead of just buying clothing I liked because I liked it, I became choosier. How does this fit with what I own, I’d ask myself. Do I need it or do I just want it because I want to buy something? A lot of things I bought were because I was replacing something that had worn out, been damaged or didn’t fit. I went to four weddings this year and didn’t buy one new dress. I went to Puerto Rico on vacation in July and bought no new clothes for the trip.

I still have clothes in my closet(s) I’ve never worn. I still have clothes with the tags on. But none of those items are things I bought this year. This year, I bought things I love and wore multiple times.

I did also buy plenty of shoes, belts and purses this year, though. It’s hard to say whether I did that purely to buy SOMETHING since those things don’t count toward the clothing budget, or because I needed those items to round out the wardrobe I was finally making work. Probably a bit of both. For three of the weddings I went to this year, I wore belts I bought in June. I’ve worn my belts so many times, and every single one of them cost me less than $10. I bought a new pair of boots. I bought five new pairs of shoes (not too unusual). I bought five scarves (also not unusual). I bought five purses (also not terribly unusual, though you’d think I’d have enough by now). I noticed I bought fewer earrings this year, though.

So what does these mean for next year? Well, I’m pregnant. (Part of why the weight loss goal stopped being a thing after October.) I’m due in July, so that means half the year is taken by a growing body, and the other half by a deflating one. I think my newfound attitude will come in handy when weighing maternity clothes purchases, but I think setting a clothing budget would be too challenging. So I’m off budget until 2014!

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