2012 goals: Wrapping up the year

I’m going to do this post a little differently since it’s the last one for my 2012 goals. I set my goals here, and in the past 12 months, some of them have dropped off the list because of various factors. So, I’m going to wrap up the complete list here, and add notes/thoughts about my goals.

  1. Complete five (big) home projects. I did one of five. But I also did plenty of little home projects that didn’t count toward anything on my list.
  2. Compost. Big fat gold star.
  3. Garden. I didn’t get to a garden. I may never get to a garden. Who knows?
  4. Read 75 books. I read 37 of 75. I dropped my yearly goal from 100 to 75 because with the way my life had been in 2011, it seemed more realistic. But it was still overly ambitious. I’m going to have to rethink my approach for 2013.
  5. Lose 10 pounds. Goal weight was 135. I didn’t make it. There was a point in the year I was close to making it, but alas. Some of my progress was hampered by the effect of being in an accident in February. Some of my progress was hampered by getting pregnant in October. I felt happy with my weight a lot of the year, though, and from May on, I pretty regularly worked out. I trained for a 5K. I’m not a runner, so that was amazing for me.
  6. Crochet five projects. I crocheted zero projects. I found patterns and knew what I wanted to do, but I just never got there.
  7. Make two new recipes each month. I made 14 of 24 recipes. That’s not a lot of new recipes. This is one goal I really wish I would have done better at.
  8. Teach Josh to cook. He’s definitely better. And with a kid on the way, he’s really keen to do more of this instead of only being able to make freezer food. I think we’ll see an increase in 2013, but this won’t be on my goals list again.
  9. Stockpile food. I did quite a bit of this, but I would have liked to do more. Stockpiling definitely got us through a lot of points of the year more thriftily… we ate food I’d already made instead of ordering it. It’s also a precursor to making baby food, which I imagine I’ll start doing at the end of 2013 when our kid starts moving on to actual food.
  10. Use my pantry. I slimmed down the pantry, didn’t overbuy replacements and used up some of what I had. I don’t think this will be on the goals list again, but I learned a lot from having this reminder here.
  11. Organize my clothes. This is a constant nightmare. I am terrible at keeping my clothes in order. I hate washing laundry, I hate folding laundry, I hate hanging up laundry and I hate putting away laundry. This is more of a life goal than a yearly goal.
  12. Make clothes. Spent $520.92 of $500. I spent $40 in December at a sample sale I frequent. I bought three dresses and three tops. I was $3 underbudget when I went home for Christmas and realized I forgot to pack any shirts to wear under the sweaters I’d brought. I’m still going to call this goal a win. I purposely didn’t set a “I will make XX patterns” goal because I knew that would be too challenging. I made zero patterns, though I bought pattern paper to trace Burda magazine patterns. However, I altered SO many clothes and remade so many clothes that I can’t be mad at myself. I also freestyled some other clothing and have plans for other things. This is definitely a goal I’ll continue.
  13. Do one thing each month that will simplify my life. I pretty much did this every month because I was already doing these types of things for myself anyway. I just wasn’t acknowledging it, and having it to cross off my list made me happy.
  14. Limit social commitments to two each week. My goal was two social commitments a week. Very rarely did I go over that in 2012, and my life was much calmer and better because of it.
  15. Send birthday cards. I sucked at this one. I think I actually forgot about it.

I also had other things I wanted to work at in 2012: Get my hair cut regularly, fix my hair color, paint my nails (or at least take care of them!) like I still work at a nail magazine, finish decorating my house, organize things a bit better, shred paper I don’t need. I fixed my hair color. I’m still working on being responsible for the other things.

Main lesson of 2012? I totally expect too much of myself. In 2013, I’ll be cutting myself more slack.

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