China Glaze It’s a Trap-eze

I recently ordered China Glaze’s It’s a Trap-eze because I kept seeing photos of it online, and it looked gorgeous: lots of multicolored glitter in a milky jelly base.

Like so:

Image courtesy of The PolishAholic. Click to go to her blog.
Image courtesy of The PolishAholic. Click to go to her blog.

See the layers of glitter? Exactly like the kind of thing I’d love, right? Here’s what it looked like on me.

This is only two coats!


It’s kind of pretty, but it reminded me of something else:


To me, it looks kind of like speckled linoleum. Specifically, the flooring in the hallways of my high school (the only photo I could find had people in it so I couldn’t include it, but Steph, I know you know what I mean).

The finish isn’t as smooth as I’d like, even with a layer of Poshe top coat, but that happens with glitter. I wish I still had some Seche Vite lying around — it would have made the finish like glass. And next time, I’ll take care to move the big pieces of glitter off my cuticles and the free edge of my nails.

I think that a lighter application of the  polish will give me the look I like, and a heavier top coat would smooth it out nicely. But what do you think? Is it pretty, or does it look like flooring?

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Nope. I instantly saw it and thought, “That looks like the school halls.” I still like it, though. If only it was just the glitters and not the jelly base? I think there’s a way to experiment and make it something you like, though.

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