Sparkly nails are the best nails

We all know how I feel about sparkles. And blue. And blue plus sparkles. So I love this nail polish combo, even though it’s a bit grown out.


The base is Opi’s Russian Navy, topped with Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Fergie Nail Color in Glamorous.


I love this glitter: It’s got a good mix of round micro-glitter and small hexagon glitter. And it’s dense — that’s only two coats in the picture.

And say what you will about Fergie, but apparently we are glitter twins. We’re both into ridiculous, sparkly nail polish. I’m sad I didn’t see these at the store:

Hollywood Walk of Fame. Look! It’s stars!


This one is Make Them Boys go Loco. If the base is clear and not black, this is exactly the sparkly red I’ve been looking for.

I’m totally thinking about going back to Walgreen’s to pick these up; they were buy one, get one half off at Walgreen’s last week!

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