Things I like, November edition

Time for another edition of Things I Find Awesome:

  • My Christmas Crafts board on Pinterest. For some reason, I’m not hating the idea of thinking of Christmas already. That’s new. And if I can crank some of these out, it’ll count towards my goal for the year!
  • Nivea hand cream. I had no idea. I picked some up for Chris, as he’s traveling to England for work and needs travel stuff. (Did I mention this? He’ll be gone for two weeks. Blergh.) Anyway, even though I’d never used it, I’d heard good things and have been told that it’s gentle, so I picked up a little tin for 99 cents. It really reminds me of Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar, and it absorbs really quickly.
Nivea Creme. Image courtesy I Love to Gossip.

This embroidery sampler pattern. Not like I need a new hobby or craft supplies to buy, but it’s pretty!

  • Bodie and Fou online catalog. Specifically, Mr. Elephant Head.
  • Sweet Paul Mag. There’s a website, but the magazine is available in full, free, on the site as well. It’s beautiful! And it’s full of recipes, crafts, bougie white lady stuff. I’m a fan! 😀

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